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Contact the office on 7126 5098 / 0741 9987 095 if any member groups have any news and events they wish to share with other older people's groups.



Search for us - ALLY Foyle, under 'pages', not friends.  We are listed as a charitable & community organisation

Oil clubs

Oil buying clubs have been set up in different areas of the city to enable neighbours and communities the opportunity to purchase oil cheaper as a group.  You don't have to have all your neighbours join, and you can be a housing executive tenant, privately renting or own your own home.  A great way to save money off your heating bill.  For more information on joining an oil club free, contact Stephen Hunter on 0800 1422 865.

FREE - Need volunteers?

Wellfair project in Dove House has a group of volunteers who are willing to help out at events for older people.  Contact Majella on for more information.


FREE - Feel Safe Booklets

We have booklets aimed at keeping older people safe in different areas which include tips and advice on bogus / rogue callers, protecting your identity, internet fraud, phone & mail scams, elder abuse, local policing, home safety, etc.  If your group needs any, contact the office on 7126 5098 or mobile 0741 9987 095.

FREE - Fire safety leaflets

  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Fire Safety in the home
  • A guide for elderly people

FREE - Falls prevention leaflets

Booklets and posters with information on preventing falls with older people.  Advice on eyesight, diet, medications, footwear and what to do when you fall.  Contact the office on 0741 9987 095 / 7126 5098